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Naxicap Partners, an affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers, becomes the majority shareholder of the Guémas Group (“the Group”) alongside its Chairman, Pierre Blanchard-Dignac, and key Partner managers.

Moria Surgical, a manufacturer and distributor of high precision instruments and consumables for eye surgery, announces the acquisition of Alchimia Srl, a leading Italian player in retina surgery and keratoplasty.

House of HR, a European leader in HR services, announced today that Bain Capital Private Equity – one of the world’s leading private investment firms – has entered into a share purchase agreement for the acquisition of a 55% stake in the Company. House of HR Management, Naxicap and founder Conny Vandendriessche will hold the…

Naxicap Partners seeks to keep a growth capital tropism in its investments, focusing on growing companies or companies with significant build-up perspectives.
Chief Executive Officer – CEO


Specialized in the financing of small to mid-sized companies, Naxicap Partners is a growing company. Over the past 15 years, the assets under management has been multiplied by 15.
We invest in equity in ambitious companies:
  • Active on market sectors and with underlying dynamics we fully apprehend;
  • Headed by an involved management team, with an entreprenarial spirit and guided by a long term vision of their company strategy.
Our goal is to deliver a strong performance to our investors, over time, with regularity and resilience especially during cyclical troughs.






Key markets
  • Most of our investments are based in France
  • We are also expanding our platform outside France, in Benelux, Germany and Spain, representing 25% of our investments
A long-term partner
  • Over the past 15 years, Naxicap has expanded its minority growth capital strategy focusing on minority stakes to become a leveraged buyout player focusing on controlling majority stakes, which represent today 80% of our investments
  • Our investment strategy is to be focused on ambitious companies, operating in sectors in which we understand both the issues and the dynamics of the underlying elements
Investment strategy
  • We invest in growing companies, preferably with a BtoB model, with involved and entrepreneurial management teams guided by a long-term view of their business strategy
  • We use leverage with caution and look for performance through growth